Pressure of Work

This blog has been silent for the 7 weeks of 2017 that have rushed by already. This cannot be because of a paucity of change on which to comment. We have had the start of the Trump presidency which has been a thrill a day, proving wrong those of us that thought his presidency could not be as bad as his candidacy. As mentioned earlier, I am in South Africa for the southern summer and being this far from the action has a calming effect and reduces the itch that normally gets scratched with 250 or so words.

So it is not pressure of work that is keeping me from blogging although I am developing several business opportunities that I hope will come to fruition later in the year. In the meantime, as one of the fortunate and shrinking few that have a generous pension, I am not burdened by the need to earn today’s crust.

It is not many years ago that the talk was of the 3rd age and multiple careers in a long but more rewarding working life. Reality is kicking in and a new generation of workers will probably be forced into a more pragmatic future. This future will require full time work perhaps even beyond three score and ten. My generation is already envied and sometimes subjected to more hostile reactions to our good fortune. Our voting habits are analysed for evidence of selfishness and a lack of consideration for those that will look after us, hopefully, in our dotage. Our tendency to spend our money rather than build our childrens’ inheritance is not looked upon kindly.

How will this divisive trend be centred?

We already see that there is a return to extended families sharing homes and inheritances being advanced in the form of home loans and gifts. Grandparents are increasingly volunteering for their traditional role as child carers. These developments are often part of a negative narrative; consequences of difficult times and a broken economy. However, surely they are also evidence of a society that adapts to change while falling back on its core values. We should promote such developments and look for new opportunities to leverage the technology that makes our lives easier and more interesting no matter when we were born.

Change is good.