Change is Good

After 31 years of working with a large corporation with all the stimulation, security, stresses and strains that brings, I am experiencing my first week as an independent consultant. The weather, here in the UK, is tentatively spring-like so it is hard to be anything other than uplifted.

People ask me about my feelings; mostly expecting me to say that I am happy to be free of the yoke of routine work. In fact, my feelings are a complex mix of excitement and trepidation. First of all, of course, I am not retiring, as suggested by the announcement that accompanied my departure. Age 60 and in mercifully good health, I cannot envisage turning the rest of my life into a vacation. So the idea of starting up my own business is compelling and fraught with risk of humiliation. Maybe the skills I have honed over the last 3 decades will not be so remarkable after all.

My response to all this is to immerse myself in the comfort of the Change Management principles I have learnt and then repeatedly relearnt. So today I am building out my start up plan and performing a stakeholder assessment. Tomorrow I will be developing the communication plan for the launch of my business.

Change is good.