Start Up Blues

No longer protected by the corporate cocoon that I have existed in for the last 3 decades, I am in the midst of setting up my business here in the UK. There is plenty to be excited about; the prospect of starting my first independent work in a couple of weeks time, the networking, the absence of somebody else’s boundaries. There is also the less exciting stuff; the administration and compliance work that even a small business cannot ignore.

The UK is reputed to be a relatively easy place to start up a business. Nevertheless, an online foray through the UK Government Gateway to register for corporation tax and meet other regulatory requirements had me wondering how many potential entrepreneurs are deterred by the complexity of it all. I tried methodically reading through the guidance but found myself in a kind of web page “do loop” . I found it easier to dive into action, breaking all the rules about preparation and planning. The website crashed a couple of times which, judging by the “try later” user message that popped up, is not unusual. See if that works if you are a budget airline.

Never mind, this is just a momentary attack of the start up blues; there is surely more excitement and fewer obstacles ahead on the change curve. That is the plan.

Change is good.